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AWL-C7-002 - CentOS 7.x 64bit - Web Server LAMP Cloud Szerver Pro szolgáltatás útmutató Cloud Szerver Smart szolgáltatás útmutató



This image is a CentOS 7.x installation with Apache web server and MariaDB SQL database for hosting PHP, Perl and Python applications. To manage the Webmin control panel, use the following scripts in the root:
to enable it: /root/enable_start_webmin.sh
to disable it: /root/disable_stop_webmin.sh
to uninstall it: /root/uninstall_webmin.sh


It can be accessed through SSH with a root username and password.
The Webmin control panel can be accessed with the root username and password by signing in via your browser using the server's IP address with the port 10000.
The MySQL database can be accessed with a root username and password using the mysql -u root -p command
For example: if the server has the IP address you will need to sign in with the browser at the address


The template has installed and configured Fail2ban to block brute force attempts on port 22.

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